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Black Forest is the original and number one maker of Swiss Cuckoo Clocks. In 1973, the very first craftsman to adorn a clock with a bird and design it to make the cuckoo call every hour, was a Black Forest craftsman. These unique and elaborate creations can be a great addition to any home and are sure to bring a smile to any face. Swiss cuckoo clocks are a labor of love and Black Forest provides an option for just about everyone. You can find Black Forest Swiss cuckoo clocks for sale at multiple online outlets or by visiting one its many manufacturing shops in Germany.

Black Forest Clock Swiss House With Turning Dancers

For birds to dancers, there is a clock style to fit every home and every personality. This particular clock is battery powered, but just one set of AA batteries can last an entire year. Like the majority of other Black Forest clocks, the turning dancers come with a warranty which as a buyer and owner, is always a good thing to have.

Black Forest 1 Day Chalet Cuckoo Clock with Clock Peddler

If you wish your Swiss cuckoo clock to chime on a daily basis instead of an hourly basis, the one clock peddler is for you. This is another German made option and that equals quality. That Chalet clock is made by Hönes, a certified Back Forest Swiss Cuckoo clock manufacturer.

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock with Wood Chopper

The Swiss cuckoo clock has greatly evolved and one the many variations found today includes the wood chopper. This option is made in Germany. The cuckoo calls the number of hours on the hour and the wood chopper does chop wood. It also has twelve different tunes that alternate so that the clock does not drive you cuckoo. This fine piece of craftsmanship is a bit more expensive than other available options listed in the article but is it still not the most expensive Black Forest Swiss cuckoo clock option by any means.

Black Forest Musical Quartz Chalet Cuckoo Clock with Beer Drinker

True to is German roots, this clock option features a beer drinker. Think of how fun it could be to toast on a drink with your clock. This musical clock plays twelve melodies and parts of it are made of quartz which is a rock like mineral to make this clock even more unique and more of a piece of art.

Regardless of why you want a Swiss cuckoo clock, whether for its history or uniqueness, Black Forest manufacturers have an option for you. This is art that goes on your wall and it makes a perfect gift.